Arrival of the new iMac!

I’ve waited 5 weeks for this and finally it has arrived. Was busy with work in the office on last Friday including several meetings that I had to attend. By 5pm I received a message from the store at the Uni’s campus center saying that my new iMac has just been delivered (and note that they’ve been chasing up its status for me too as I will be heading overseas next week). Headed over there in the drizzling rain that we had in the afternoon thinking that I may have a fun time transporting it back to my place. It cost me a lot but it will definitely be worth every penny.

The box was so heavy that i had to store it in my office, cycle home, grab the car and drive up in front of the building (it was also a way of avoiding manual labour through the rain back to the house). Even though there were several layers of weatherproofing around the actual unit (let’s count: outer brown box, actual computer box, air space between box and the computer held in place by Styrofoam, a cover around the unit made from cloth material and plastic foil around the screen, that makes it 5 layers). I got it home, enough of my ranting, on to the unboxing.

My new iMac (outer box)

Gently took out the unit from its box, the pictures explain it in “verbose” visual detail below.

My new iMac (inner box)

I love the packaging, it’s just so innovative and welcoming for the new owner!

My new iMac (Accessories)

I love the design of the keyboard and mouse, the wireless keyboard and magic mouse now come packaged with the computer, used to not be the case.

My new iMac (protective packaging)

The huge air gap between the outer shell at the unit, which itself is covered in layers of protective packaging again…

My new iMac (cloth cover)

Big and scary, surprisingly not as heavy once it’s out of the box…

My new iMac (shiny)

Brand new out of the box and it works like a mirror, gotta love the shiny new screen…

My new iMac (default OSX)

Love the OSX default desktop wallpaper, however I doubt I’ll be using this one. I might have it rotating through several. Spent all yesterday and Friday setting it up by loading my documents and software onto the system. I plan to run both OSX and Windows on the system (but I will probably allocate the majority of the harddrive space to Snow Leopard and store most of my files on this partition). The essential specs of the iMac are as follows (if you want to know more, send me a message):
- Intel Core i7 processor 2.8GHz
- ATI Radeon HD4850

My new iMac (ready for blogging)

I sat the unit down on my side table for the evening while I installed all the software. Transferred it to my desk later that night (post on my new workspace coming soon!) and continued yesterday (Saturday) with the installation of Windows 7 and its accompanying software. It now runs dual boot OSX and Windows 7 64bit (in case I ever upgrade the RAM on it to 8GB). Most of my documents have been transferred, I will be having fun with organising my harddrive files next, but that’ll take some time.

I’m quite excited about what I will be producing with the help of this computer in the months to come. Once I have completed the installation process I will certainly get around to reorganizing my workstation and the April Update. I will definitely need to get this done before next week Thursday. I’m just glad that it has arrived in time (or else the shop would not be seeing me for three months).

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