Off to Europe – Arrival in Kuala Lumpur

KL - Swimming Pool

Have left Melbourne for Europe, but am currently in Kuala Lumpur in transit for three days. Will be using this time to relax before my big trip. I have also gained possession of a new compact digital camera, which I will write about once I have gotten used to its features. These two pictures are just two examples of what this new baby can do. The one thing I have been really looking forward to in transit and have had the opportunity of doing today, was relaxing at the pool. The sun was boiling today, an opportunity to soak up tropical heat before heading to Europe. Melbourne, I heard, had a very “warm” temperature of 16 degrees today. I hope that it was at least a pleasant 16 degrees for my friends there.

Broad leaves

I have been and still plan to visit some places and eat some of the local food before Sunday when I will once again board a plane for a long haul to Europe. I will provide you with a more comprehensive write-up of my transit days in KL once I am in Europe. Look forward to it!

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