Sunbathing at Tivoli, Innsbruck

Tivoli Public Swimming Pool (1)

About two months has passed and a great number of weeks since I last went to the pool. You’d think in Innsbruck, which is in a valley between two big chains of alpine mountains you’d expect it to be cold all year round and not have a chance to swim. Well you’re wrong and I took the opportunity on Saturday to soak up sun and refreshing water at the Tivoli public swimming pool.

Tivoli Public Swimming Pool (2)

The pool is actually not very far from the Sillpark shopping centre, which was my first stop as I needed a towel (only have one here and that’s for drying after showers). Grabbed one at a bargain price and with nice colours (if you’re going to be using it in a public facility, at least make sure the colours look good) and headed down to the pool. You can walk from Sillpark shopping centre or take the J-line. The map will show you more…

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The train station’s nearby, just a funny thought…but if you see Innsbruck from far, it’s the first thing you’ll notice and orientate yourself with.

Tivoli Diving Pool

A small entry fee of 2.90 Euros gets you into the area for the day. There are a total of four major pools (and a smaller kiddy pool I think), beach volleyball courts and a cafe, where you can grab cheap snacks and more filling lunches as well.

Just seeing the blue water made me impatient. Tons of lockers are available for you to keep your things in. The key is attached to a strap, which you can wear on your wrist. Be careful with the pointy key, though or you may stab someone while swimming ;)

Wading Pool

Water temperatures on the Saturday were quite different for each pool, the diving pool had the coldest temperature of 19 degrees, whilst the others were well above 25. I started with the lap pool, which was slightly warmer than the extremely cold shower I took before entering. Froze my way to the pool, but survived the 4 seconds in the light breeze that blew across the area. The entire complex is open air, so don’t expect to escape freezing breezes so easily, carry your towel around with you!

Wanting to relax in the water, I left the lap pool for the wading pool, which was just deep enough for my feet to reach the bottom. I stayed here most of the time. At public pools it can get quite loud, but I didn’t let it bother me.

Even at the pool you get splendid views of the mountains on either side! Will be heading up one of them very soon!

Tivoli Water Slide

If you’re feeling playful, you can jump into this pool, which has a water slide and an aquatic playground.

The Tivoli Diving Tower

The diving tower has several heights: 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m and 10m. Take your pick, I didn’t go diving because there were too many people queuing up to take a jump. I also just wanted to relax and do nothing. I laid in the sun for a while as well.

The surrounding Tivoli area

What you don’t see on the map above is the newly developed area. It looks very accommodating for families. The swimming complex is surrounded by residential blocks, lucky them, they can just cross the road ;)

It’s been a while since I had a chance to really lay down and do nothing, this Saturday was a good opportunity and the weather was on my side. When I was ready to head back to town to spend some time, I packed up, had a snack and left.

To everyone who’s been reading my posts: I hope you have also taken time to stop what you’re doing and just take it easy for a day. If the weather hasn’t been in your favour, I hope you’ve had the opportunity to work around it. Let me know what you think is really relaxing for you.

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