A collection of the European diet

I hope you’ve eaten because this post will surely make you hungry! I’ve spent three months in Innsbruck eating the local European cuisine. Now it’s time to share with you a few visual feasts of what I have been gobbling down these past months! Staple diet includes potatoes, meat, pasta and the occasional Asian influence :) Some of these you’ll have already seen from previous posts, many others are new! Guten Appetit!

Innsbruck Kasspätzle

Spätzle, a type of egg noodle, baked with egg and fried onion served with salad on the side. Vegetarian!

Innsbruck Dinner Menu

One of my favourites if I felt like meat! The “Hausspieß”, meat on stick. That’s pork, chicken and frankfurters with capsicum and onion grilled! Served with chips and salad on the side.

Area 47 Adventures

The lunch I had at Area 47 (as you’ll remember), barbecued pork chops with soup and salad on the side. Comes with garlic butter, grilled zucchini and tomato.

Hiking in the alps - The Stubai Valley

My reward for hiking through the hail storm that hit us in the Stubai Valley, a nice big sausage with roasted potato and Sauerkraut on the side.

Overlooking the Innsbruck rooftops

Remember my Innsbruckian Ramen? This was the first Asian dish I had after going without it for half my trip.

Venice Recollections (7) So long Venezia

A beautiful pizza with ham, mushroom and artichokes (called differently in Venice and in Innsbruck). I actually acquired a taste for artichokes (cannot remember when I had ever tried it before).

Goulash soup with "Semmel"

Goulash soup, my favourite soup, served with a bread roll or “semmel” on the side. This one was in Vienna, but I also had several in Innsbruck at different restaurants. Black pepper goes really well with it :)

First Wiener Schnitzel Lunch

My first Wiener Schnitzel. I had a few others after that, but it wasn’t the biggest craze for me.

Sunday Stroganoff Lunch

Stroganoff on a Sunday if you remember my little stroll through the Altstadt, the first time I had visited it. It was a good balance of pasta, meat and veggies, served at the Golden Eagle hotel (“Goldener Adler”).

Champignon Schnitzel

Champignon Schnitzel, one of the many varieties of Schnitzel that I had while in Innsbruck.

Salbeischnitzel Lunch

Salbeischnitzel, my very first lunch in Innsbruck, remember this? It was several months ago! How time flies…

Potato Salad

Potato salad that our family friends in Bonn, Germany made. There are generally two types, a sweet and cold version that I have made for parties quite frequently and this more savoury kind with vinegar. I like both versions and should really learn how to prepare this kind.

Noodle & Rocket Salad

Noodle & Rocket salad also made by our family friends when I visited Bonn, Germany.

Innsbruck Arabian Curry

When I visited Tyrol mall the other day (the day it rained heavily down on Innsbruck, you’ll remember me talking about it), I decided to try this Arabian Curry for lunch because it looked delicious. For European style cooking, it was pretty good curry!

Innsbruck Afternoon Snack

That same day I ended up having an afternoon snack, because the curry was not enough. The pastry you see here is called a “Topfengoulatsche”, a Goulatsche is a kind of wrapped pastry that I seem to only have come across in Austria so far.

The original Sacher Torte (1)

Since we’re currently talking about sweet snacks, you’ll remember the original Sacher cake that I had in Vienna! Cannot also forget the coffee and tea that go well with snacks like these :)

Crepes with Banana & Nutella

Also thinking of the crepes I had in Germany!

Innsbruck Farmer's Salad

Alright back to savoury! One thing I did start eating a lot more frequently in Innsbruck was salad (due to the lack of freshly cooked veggies). This farmer’s salad came in a huge bowl full of colours and topped with fried egg and bacon! Despite its looks it is highly filling!

Innsbruck Greek Pita and Meat

Souvlaki, well sort of… the meat was cooked the right way and topped with onions, served with lemon and tsaziki, truly Greek!

Innsbruck Beef Salad

One thing I notice is that the salads are served with quite a lot of meat, like this beef salad…

Innsbruck Sausage Salad

…or better yet this Swiss Ham Salad (shaved ham, shaved cheese and healthy veg beneath, can you spot the capsicum? hehe)

Innsbruck Lunch Menu

More Schnitzel with Macaroni on the side, what makes each of them different are the sauces!

Innsbruck Indian Cuisine

The place I have lunch at with my colleagues during the week also serves Indian from time to time in the most creative manners possible! Meatballs in Indian sauce served with potatoes… fusion cuisine right before your eyes!

Innsbruck Breakfast

What I probably enjoyed the most and definitely miss about Europe is the breakfast! At the local bakery, I would order myself a small breakfast every morning. I would sometimes opt for the single bread roll and coffee meal or the double bread roll and bottom-less coffee (free refills). You can choose your spread as well. I would usually choose butter and a liver or meaty spread. I’m not fond of jam in the morning, never really was.

Late morning snack

On days where I was rushing to get somewhere (such as this morning when I headed off to Bonn), I would grab a coffee to go with a pastry. It gave my stomach something to deal with until I was able to eat something more substantial!

Innsbruck Cup Noodles

…and finally, the traditional Asian style snack: cup noodles! I could not let the chance slide by to try one of these and on my very last day in Innsbruck in the later afternoon managed to get to it! Tastes exactly like all other types of cup noodles of the same flavour! :)

Hope you had a good meal! :)

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