Sichuan House, Melbourne and the iPhone4 Camera

Chinatown, Melbourne CBD

I mentioned before that I would give you a bit of a taste of the iPhone4 camera in my previous post. Had the chance to try it out on some Sichuan food last week in the city. The place is called Sichuan House and is within Melbourne’s CBD Chinatown. I caught up with some colleagues there, the first time we would be meeting since before I left for Europe.

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The best is to get off at Melbourne Central Station (if you’re coming into the city from the suburbs) and walk to the restaurant. The place serves lots of spicy cuisine, for those of you who are not familiar with Sichuan cooking. I was prepared for a burning dinner.

Sichuan House, Melbourne CBD

One of the starters we had was beef slices with coriander, sprinkled in chili flakes. The spice builds up with every consecutive slice you eat. I love coriander, one of my favourite spices.

Sichuan House, Melbourne CBD

Sweet and sour pork (soft-bone pork, so you can just chew straight through the bone and eat it with the meat or spit it out if you’re not one for eating “everything”) – yet another starter.

Sichuan House, Melbourne CBD

Eventually we moved on to the main courses and had our veggie dish, stir fried long beans with minced pork in garlic.

Sichuan House, Melbourne CBD

Probably the most entertaining dish for me was the “soup” we ordered. It actually was some beef dish, which today I still don’t know the name of. But it came in this giant square bowl filled with this thick sauce and lots of chili literally floating on the surface. To find the beef, you had to scoop it up from the bottom of the bowl. It was extremely spicy and I don’t think we managed to finish it either (I was pretty full after that dinner that I couldn’t stare at anymore food).

Sichuan House, Melbourne CBD

Moving swiftly on to a chicken dish for a change of pace and spice!

Sichuan House, Melbourne CBD

There also was quail, which surprisingly did not even look the slightest bit red hot.

My thoughts on the restaurant: The food was certainly delicious, but we ordered way too much for ourselves to handle and all I felt afterward was the urge to go for a digestive walk that would last the next hour. The menu has lots more to offer than what we ordered. If you’re interested in some spicy Asian cuisine, have a go at it. The value for money is pretty good too, we were pleasantly surprised.

My thoughts on the iPhone4′s camera: Well, certainly a huge improvement over the previous one I had (the 3G model). Response rates of the camera are also a lot faster (managed to take several pictures in quick succession). The only issue I always have with phone cameras is that while megapixel may be high, the pictures at that resolution generally don’t look too good. It is after you shrink them down to a smaller resolution that they start looking a lot nicer. So while the iPhone4′s camera does take some beautiful pictures, they are only as good as the size that you see on the phone itself (or in this post, for that matter). It is fair to say that they are nowhere near as good as those taken by any camera of the same megapixel value (understandable, because half the camera mechanisms are missing from the phone). If you’re not a quality freak and just want pictures to preserve memories, then the phone camera will do just as good a job as any other.

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