Housekeeping – September/October 2010

Spring-time workspace

(as you can see, I’m being quite creative with the way I set up my desks, the extensions just provide me extra space that I can get rid of whenever I need)

So site maintenance took a little bit longer than planned. It was more of a case of the intended maintenance being drawn out over a longer time period. October’s been a busy month for me, but knowing that blogging gives me a temporary break from work (and since I am currently not feeling too well), it’s about time that I update you all and inform you that I’m still here!

As mentioned before, most of the maintenance was related to the blogging engine and my plugins that I really needed to upgrade. I did put up a new background picture in the blog’s header: the old Danube in Vienna if it looks familiar to you or if you vaguely remember it from my Vienna trip. We are in to the last quarter of this year and time has been ticking. I’ve been sick in the past few days, probably hay fever, with the arrival of spring in Melbourne (after the weather was confused for a whole month). Work load has increased and travel plans have been established as well. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in the upcoming months…

Though I haven’t been writing much, it is more of a backlog than lack of information and my obsession with how I present them to you. There have also been other topics that I have been wanting to write about and the thought of placing these within M.E. or in a separate website has also been pondered quite extensively in my head. Expect to see more posts of Melbourne from the outdoor enthusiast and metropolitan enthusiast perspectives.

In early November I will be heading off to the Gold Coast for a conference and will find myself in Surfers Paradise for about six days. If I can easily access the net there, I’ll be sure to update you on my trip, otherwise expect a write-up when I get back. With the arrival of spring (and early winter in other parts of the world), here’s to hoping that the sun will shine throughout the whole trip.

I will also be returning to Innsbruck towards the end of November for a workshop on the project that my research is part of. I will not return to Melbourne until next year (quite a scary thought, but I haven’t really been in Melbourne much this year)…

As I’ve mentioned…look forward to hopefully a lot more activity in M.E. in the upcoming weeks! Apologies for taking this long for the update!

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