Housekeeping – November/December 2010

First and foremost,


KL workspace 2010, Malaysia

Nearing the end of this year, things have stepped quite a bit for me. I currently find myself in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after having been in snowy Europe for almost a month (you’ll have noticed the “blogging from” location changed). Research work in Europe has kept me quite busy and lack of internet here and there has also made it difficult to connect with the world. I have been merging the housekeeping posts together thinking that there would probably be more to write, but not much has really happened to the site in the past two months apart from some new posts.

So here’s what I can say about what has happened and what will happen :) Three things:

1.) It is my New Year’s resolution to start posting more frequently, now that I have had almost a year of experience in blogging, working with the various platforms and preparing the infos for each post. Ideas have also started flourishing and will hopefully give me heaps to write about (the world is vast so I am sure I will never run out of posts to write).

2.) Expect two more post series to start shortly, the drafts are sitting in my post archives ready for writing and just need time :)

3.) Now that I am back in Malaysia, I will be retelling my adventures in Europe in retrospect. Look forward to a series of posts from Germany and Austria once again, this time with a bit more white (snow) than usual, haha.

Kitchen workspace, Innsbruck

The two pictures in this post demonstrate my “ability of mobility” (kind of like the sound of that)! Missing my big iMac, but that’s alright as I’m pretty well set up for both blogging and research for the next few weeks. I will be in Malaysia until January 19th (Thailand for a short trip in between). It will be a much needed break and also alone time for me to reflect upon the year’s worth of research (as PhD students in Australia do after a year). You’ll hopefully be hearing more from me soon… til then!

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